Monday & Tuesday!

It’s a busy week!

Monday (today) at 5:30 the Reno City Council has Lemmon Valley on the agenda with the following items.  This is a special meeting open to the public.  Do not be misled by the description as “workshop”.

B.1.  A review of the regional plan to develop the North Valleys.

  • Is this at all sustainable?
  • What does it do the the quality of life for old and new residents alike?

B.2.  Plan to expand the RSWRF sewer plant to support new development.

  • There is no credible plan to handle the effluent that is currently being generated.
  • The request is to double the capacity of the sewer plant.

B.3.  Proposal to appeal the verdict against the city in the class-action lawsuit brought by the Lemmon Valley neighbors.

  • Reno harmed its residents.  They should own-up and compensate them.
  • They will further embarrass themselves with an appeal and a likely loss.
  • The Reno taxpayers are paying for this appeal against other neighbors.

C.1.  Consider a motion for a moratorium on building in the Swan Lake basin until there is a credible plan to address future flooding.

  • “When you find yourself in a hole, the first step is to stop digging!”
  • There is no credible plan to avoid flooding this year or the year after.
  • The “water year” starts on October 1.
  • Every day more lots are graded increasing run off.
  • Every day more water and sewer hookups are made that increase effluent flow to Swan Lake.

C.2.  Consider a list of resolutions by the city to avoid further harming the Lemmon Valley residents.

  • This is laughable: it could have been written by Dennis the Menace or Bart Simpson.
  • “Trust us, we won’t do it again.”  Did you hear the one about … ?


Tuesday (8/6/19) at 3:00 the Reno City Council will have a joint meeting with the Washoe County Commission (Reno City Hall).

They have a single agenda item: the plan to flood a vacant property west of the Stead Airport with RSWRF effluent in order to reduce the level of Swan Lake.

  • It is likely to be ineffective.  This was the conclusion of the Ecologic study completed in 2005 which considered the same approach.
  • The proposal indicates that the plan is temporary, but the development causing the increased effluent will be permanent.
  • The taxpayers will pay the cost, but private property owners will benefit.  Some of them are connected to the city council.

Are you just sick of the Reno Swamp?  Make your voice heard!  We are all disgusted and disheartened by the WCSD scandal.  Let’s call out the city council and insist that they serve the residents, homeowners, and taxpayers of Reno.  Their fealty to the developers, builders, and special interests has gone too far.  Come to the meeting or submit your opinions online.


One thought on “Monday & Tuesday!

  1. You are providing a wonderful service to the citizens of Washoe County! It is a blessing for the people to read news that affects their lives every day and gives them the confidence and the security that someone actually cares about their plight and and is the voice for the people that is otherwise missing in action. It is the true unadulterated story of the injustices against the people. God bless you Steve for all your efforts to bring
    the truth to the forefront. That is what journalism is all about!


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