Moratorium Monday

The Reno City Council will hold a special meeting to consider the proposed moratorium on building in Lemmon Valley along with other issues for that basin.  The Meeting will be held Monday, August 5 at 5:30PM at the City Council Chambers in Reno City Hall.  The following items are on the agenda:

B-2. Discuss the planned expansion of the RSWRF wastewater plant.

B-3. Consider an appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court to overturn the verdict against the city in the case of the class action lawsuit by the Lemmon Valley residents that were flooded in 2016-2017 (Johnson et al).

C-1. Moratorium proposal written by council member Brekhus.

C-2. A resolution on expanding the RSWRF wastewater plant including a commitment to produce class A+ water and to avoiding flooding downstream neighbors with runoff.  This looks like a promise to stop the damage the city has knowingly caused since 2008.  Credibility will be a problem.


This special meeting was originally billed as a joint meeting with Washoe County.  It will not include Washoe County.  It will be exclusively the Reno City Council.

A proposal to “dewater” (reduce the level of) Swan Lake by creating a reservoir west of Stead for evaporation and further to spray water into the air for evaporation is not on the agenda.  The spraying is opposed by area residents who are downwind.  This will be considered by a joint meeting on Tuesday, 8/6 at 3:00 PM at Reno City Hall.

The Nevada Builders Association is calling for it’s members to show up and oppose the moratorium.

There is now security screening with a metal detector outside the city council chambers.  It is not super sensitive: you can leave your shoes on.

>>>>> Come to express yourself or to see history in the making!  City Hall is at First and Virginia.  It has parking: validate your ticket at the main desk.

The builders, developers, and special interests are well represented on the city council.  The builders and developers will be well represented in the audience.  Come and support your neighbors in this effort to stop the destruction and malfeasance.

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