No Summer Break

With no regular Reno City Council meetings scheduled for July, residents might think we would get a respite from the malfeasance … no such luck.  The Reno development train-wreck continues unabated with the following items.

Angela Fuss represented the monstrous Stonegate development before Reno’s North Valleys Neighborhood Advisory Board to request a change in the Stonegate plan on July 18.  The developer (Barnes) wants to remove the requirement for landscaping along the streets presumably to cut costs.  Ms Fuss is the public face of the project as a planning manager for Lumos (a development engineering firm).  She also advocated for the non-compliant Ascente development approved by Washoe County in 2016.  Her presentations have been shamelessly deceptive supporting the developers’ plans.  She has been hired by Reno as a planning manager.  Unbelievable!  This represents a total capitulation by Reno to the developers and special interests.  We do not know when she will first report to work at Reno.  This is akin to having a convicted car thief in charge of the parking garage.  Remember, the Stonegate developer suggested that traffic problems could be addressed if Reno would build a light-rail line to the development.  I hope the city council is working on building that train.  Ms Fuss could help.

Where is the agenda item for the moratorium on any new water or sewer hookups in the North Valleys? There is still no plan to address flooding in Swan Lake.  Council member Brekhus promised there would be an agenda item on this topic that would be debated in public.  She said it would be on the agenda at the next meeting.   The city council will meet on July 24, and there is no moratorium on the agenda.  What is behind this failure to deliver? The city has been convicted of causing the flooding in Swan Lake as seen in their loss to the neighbors in court.  They are apparently committed to making things even worse.  The “water year” starts October 1 which is the start of the rainy season.  It’s only 10 weeks away.

The agreement with the Paiute Tribe is that water from the Fish Springs well (Vidler pipeline) would not flow into the Truckee.  But, the Stead sewer plant is now sending some of its sewage to the TMWRF plant for treatment.  The TMWRF plant discharges treated effluent into the Truckee.  There is an additional concern that TMWRF is not meeting its discharge standards regarding “total dissolved solids”.  This is a problem for the threatened Cui-cui fish which are hatched in Pyramid Lake.  Maybe, the water quality monitor at the Pyramid hatchery will provide illuminating data.


6 thoughts on “No Summer Break

  1. Hi Mark,
    I was involved in The Zolezzi (DR Horton)
    Nightmare and attended the meeting where you spoke at the library.

    This has gone from bad to worse. Can’t we form some grass roots contingency to get numbers to get some info out to more of the
    public? I am willing to help. There are so many unacceptable situations that are occurring and I feel helpless. I’m sick of these bloodsuckers ruin our state. I’m going to the rally to take back Nevada on the 28th at Mira Loma Park. I hope you can go. 🌺
    Lori Ziegler


  2. Mr. Wolgast
    There is no provision in the Agreement between the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe and the North Valleys Importation Project that precludes the Project water from entering the Truckee RIver. As with all Nevada rivers there is a restriction as to water quality for ALL water entering the Truckee RIver which is a matter of adhering to the water quality standards which apply GENERALLY to the Truckee River. Perhaps you and your readers would be well-served to confine your hyperbole to facts and refrain from publishing misleading and erroneous “information”, which, while it is your stock in trade, will surely result in unintended consequences for your efforts.
    Stephen Hartman, Counsel Vidler Water Company


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