County Commission Meeting 5/28/19


Possible North Valleys reservoir location to store wastewater (blue outline)

  • [Reno-Stead Wastewater Reclamation Facility]  …
  • [Lemmon Valley W. R. F.]

Public Comment; speakers made the following points

  • Don’t promote from within to replace retiring manager John Slaughter
  • Could we have a new reservoir near Swan Lake to take some of the water?
  • Deny the proposed cell tower in Incline Village.
  • Phil Horan should not have been allowed to serve as a poll worker in the 2018 election.
  • Support a second-amendment sanctuary in the county.

Commissioner Berkbigler

  • She’s pleased with the improved clarity in Lake Tahoe and credits her efforts in her district.  The news reported that it was due to reduced rain runoff from the winter.
  • She asked about the location and cost of the proposed new reservoir.  She said she didn’t know how to locate it using the parcel number (080-740-02).

Commissioner Herman

  • She asked Staff about a proposed moratorium on construction in Lemmon Valley.
  • She asked Staff to report on road work in the North Valleys.

Commissioner Hartung

  • He asked the county attorney (Lipparelli) about the regulations that would apply to a moratorium.

There was no detailed discussion regarding a new reservoir in Lemmon Valley.  There was no discussion of a moratorium on new water and sewer connections in Lemmon Valley.


Agenda item 11: an interlocal agreement regarding the giant Stonegate development at the foot of Peavine Mountain east of Golden Valley.  This is for wastewater handling at the Cold Springs Wastewater Reclamation Facility (CSWRF).  Dwayne Smith explained this would include easements for sewer lines within the Reno city limits.  This agreement was approved by the Reno City Council last week. CSWRF uses infiltration basins to dispose of the treated effluent percolating into the soil and aquifer below.  CSWRF effluent is only treated to Grade-C; the lowest standard allowed.  The current permitted capacity is 0.7 million gallons per day (mgd).  The plant is currently flowing less than 0.35 mgd.  This would allow for approximately 700 more homes to be connected to the facility.  This would not be sufficient for the 5,000 homes in the Stonegate plan.

Hartung “Why not ask the developer to pay to improve the Cold Springs sewer plant to refine their effluent to Class-A+?”  Smith promotes the idea that as Stonegate is built, the county will have a plan to treat the CSWRF effluent to a Class-A+ standard.  He claims the percolation basin can absorb 6 mgd of effluent.

Herman “Have we learned from the Lemmon Valley flooding so we don’t repeat this at Stonegate?”  Smith “Just as we’ve been very successful in Lemmon Valley, we would expect to be successful in Cold Springs.”  Unbelievable!  Smith made no eye contact and his answer was ‘word salad’.

The motion to approve the interlocal agreement passed unanimously.

Agenda item 21: Palomino Ranch Estates  ordinance 1635 is a joint development agreement for 67 acres now General Rural (40 acre minimum lots).  Developer is requesting High Density Rural zoning with 2.5 or 5 acre lots.  The commission approved unanimously with all commissioners present.


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