Palomino Ranch Estates


Located east of the Pyramid Highway, east of Spanish Springs.  It is bounded by Grass Valley Road to the east.  It is to the west of Ironwood Road (parcel 077-130-23).

67.6 acres now zoned General Rural (40 acre lots)

LW Land Co.

Developer wants 2.5 and 5.0 acre parcels.

Homes to be on wells.

Tentative map numbers (not currently available): WTPM17-0015, WTPM17-0017, WTPM17-0018, WTPM17-0019, WTPM17-0020

Roger Pelham “No changes since first reading.”  No public comment.  Approved unanimously (5/28/19).

Developer website

Ordinance 1635: BCC 5-28-19 – Attachment C – Ordinance