Meeting with Bonnie Weber

Guest post by Tammy Holt-Still.

Reno Councilwoman Bonnie Weber hosted a “Coffee and Conversation” event at the Sierra Sage Golf Course on Saturday, January 19.  She hopes the residents will all work together to make the North Valleys a better place to live.  She announced that she is on the Parks Commission and is excited to improve the neglected parks in the North Valleys. She wants residents to volunteer to help keep the parks clean by having clean up party days.  Also Job Corp had adopted the park by them and she will be working with them to assist in the maintenance of that park.


Sierra Sage Golf Course is looking to expand its services to with a “civic center” on a little over 2 acres, which are not used as part of  the golf course.


Donna Clountz spoke about senior citizens’ issues and what will be coming to the north valley’s.


During the question-and-answer period, Ms. Weber repeatedly answered that she was new or that the questioner needed to talk to past councilmen.


A member of the Neighborhood Advisory Board asked her why there wasn’t better-planned development and flood mitigation as local region.  Whether it is the City or the County, we need to work together.  She replied that the City has its issues and the County has theirs.  This was not well received by the audience.


Tammy Holt-Still made a number of points to Ms. Weber.

  • She explained the regional planning for the county and the flood agency as it stands now and the direction they want to take moving forward for unincorporated areas.
  • She noted that the City of Reno is moving into the county areas and that it’s going to take all of us to fix the issues out here.
  • She noted that Congressman Amodei has mentioned at both city and county meetings that there is federal money available for infrastructure and other improvements. We need to ask for it.  Ms. Weber agreed and said that the City Council had a recent meeting with him and is doing just that, but she could not give any details.
  • She claimed that there is a lot of misinformation being disseminated by residents, but did not cite any examples. She is likely revealing her pro-development bent with this remark.


Swan Lake was brought up by several people and Ms. Weber did agree that the lake should be dry and there are issues that the City of Reno Staff are working on.


Ms. Weber did mention about how she would like to see the vacant council position filled.  It was recently vacated by David Bobzien who has been moved to a state-level role on an environmental committee.  She would like to get someone qualified to represent Lemmon Valley and the other areas better.  A resident of Ward 1 was there and suggested Tammy for the vacancy, but she does not reside in the incorporated area.


Tammy asked why the City is not doing more to get the developers to develop a more balanced area and not be putting industrial right in the middle of residential.  Councilwoman Weber agreed that industrial should not be there but then said we can’t make the developers do what the city wants. It’s driven by the market.  She is apparently loathe to put restrictions on developers.


One thought on “Meeting with Bonnie Weber

  1. Bonnie Weber is pro-development.

    As a bit of history, in 2008 she was the swing vote on the then Matera Ridge (now Ascente) project that abused the process by combining a vote on a zoning change with a vote on a tentative map to authorize the 3 houses per acre designation (Medium Density Suburban [MDS]) for then Matera Ridge, despite all of the neighboring communities being one house per acre (Low Density Suburban [LDS]). The vote to approve was 3-2 (Humke and Jung dissenting). The Ascente developer inherited the approved zoning despite the project being dormant for 8 years.

    If projects do not proceed in a reasonable time frame, tentative maps should expire as conditions, including population growth, traffic, schools capacity, water, etc., change.

    Do not look to her for any rationale vote on controlling development.

    Tom Daly


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