Prado Ranch denied by Reno

The Reno Planning Commission unanimously denied an application for a Master Plan Amendment and a Planned Unit Development to the Prado Ranch developer.  This is not to be confused with the Prado Ranch North development that was approved by Washoe County on an adjacent property.  This consideration had been “continued” from December 19 when the meeting was ended at 11:00 PM without deliberations and a vote.  The Planning Commission allowed for an update by planning staff and a statement by the developer and public comment despite the fact that this had been covered on December 19.  Little had changed.  The planner reported that they had done some additional review but that there was no change to their conclusion that this development was not compatible with the land use plan.  The developer claimed that they had addressed all the concerns that were raised, but there were no apparent design changes to their plan.  The public comments mostly echoed the points made exhaustively at the December meeting.

  • The development is designed to prevent flooding on the development.  It is not designed to protect existing residents from flooding.
  • The surface of Swan Lake has risen 3″ in only the last two days.  The coming storm is expected to raise it another 3-6″.
  • Semi trucks will be introduced with the industrial part of the new development.  There’s no regular semi traffic at this time.
  • The warehouses will be far from the freeway so that they must drive through neighborhoods and past a school to access the freeway.
  • Warehouse workers won’t be able to afford these new homes.  The industrial and residential mix does not constitute a live-work opportunity.
  • Traffic is reduced to speeds of 10 and 20 miles an hour as it is.  The Hesco flood barriers are disintegrating.
  • The traffic study was done on a school holiday when parts of Lemmon Drive were closed.  It could not be representative.
  • In some locations, the water table is only 32′ below the surface.  There is an increased risk of bacteria infiltrating neighborhood wells when there is less than 60′ of filtering depth.
  • Re-imagine Reno specifies that “non-structural” solutions to flooding are preferred over detention ponds.  The 100-year flood plain should be preserved.
  • The Prado Ranch plan will add 700 homes, but the waste water treatment plant only has enough capacity for 400 additional homes.
  • One resident was concerned that the wording in the development plan might allow for billboards or large electronic signage.

One resident, Tammy Holt-Still, had presented the planning commissioners with a presentation (prado ranch) of the required findings with an explanation of why the Prado Ranch plan did not meet the findings.

The land owner claimed that he had made every effort to notify the neighbors of the project and that he had made multiple attempts to meet with neighbors.  This was vehemently refuted by residents who were present.

Reno Planning Commissioners Weiske, Hawkins, Gower, Johnson, and Marshall all voted to deny the Master Plan Amendment and the Planned Unit Development application with no discussion.

4 thoughts on “Prado Ranch denied by Reno

  1. Thank you Steve. Your dedicated commitment to reporting on matters of concern to our community is inspiring. It is refreshing to see the Reno City planning Commission deny the worst of the projects coming before them. Even if the electeds over rule them the foundation for a citizen appeal to the judiciary will have been established. This is tremendous progress in a little over a year and you are to be commended for leading the effort to change the conversation. Thank you!


  2. Steve, you are doing a great job keeping the community informed on poor decisions leading to unpopular growth. I’m curious have you started looking at services being affected by the growth? Most importantly law enforcement and fire. It seems they are not getting the funding necessary to keep up with growth.
    I appreciate your work.


    • Julie, We have a neighbor who actively follows the Truckee Meadows Fire Department and one who has offered to follow the Sheriff’s Office. Most of the TMFD news is pretty routine. The question of how to provide adequate fire protection for Gerlach is an important open issue. Relations with RFD is an ongoing issue. Steve


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