Mount Rose Highway Hazards

A fatal collision on Saturday, May 5, revealed a broad neighborhood consensus that something needed to be done to address traffic hazards on Mount Rose Highway.  Traffic has increased with new developments along the highway while commute traffic between Incline and Reno has increased.  The commuters are driving at higher speeds leaving residents with increasingly dangerous turns into and out of the neighborhoods.

The outcry over the hazards was evident on the Nextdoor site.  Several neighborhood activists planned an open meeting to discuss the issues and what could be done.  We were lucky to get the participation of Planning Commissioner Mike Lawson, NDOT Engineer Thor Dyson, and NHP Major Rob Stepien.  These representatives gave concise, informative presentations and later fielded questions from neighbors for over an hour.  It appeared to be an encouraging display of democracy in action.

Jump to the web page with additional details and several media reports. LINK

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