Mount Rose Highway Hazard

Two motorists were killed and three were injured in a head-on collision at the intersection of Mount Rose Highway and Callahan Road on May 5, 2018.  There are a number of grade-level intersections where neighbors enter the highway from a stop sign.  Such intersections are inherently dangerous, but increasing traffic and increasing speeds have made it unacceptable.  The speed limit is 55, but NDOT reported that 15% of drivers are exceeding 72mph.  The hazard has grown as traffic has increased.  Some of it is commute traffic between Incline Village and Reno.  Some of it is from the new housing development on both sides of the highway increasing resident traffic.

Residents expressed their concern and dissatisfaction on the Nextdoor social media site.  Several activists took the initiative to organize a neighborhood meeting.  The Tamarack Junction casino kindly offered the neighbors a large meeting room at no cost.  Neighbors met from 6-8 PM on May 16 to hear from their planning commissioner (Mike Lawson), NDOT (Thor Dyson and O.J.), and NHP (Rob Stepien).  Roughly 100 neighbors attended.  Neighbors learned some of the details about the crash and then about possible approaches to improve safety along the Mount Rose Corridor (not just this intersection).  NDOT has made a traffic study a top priority and put out traffic volume and speed sensors near the intersection on May 15.  The traffic study is expected to take about 3 months.  If a traffic signal is suggested, it would require a further study to justify the $700,000 cost.  The meeting closed with the resolution that we would meet again when the traffic study was completed to review the results and discuss how to move forward.

Traffic Safety Meeting Summary May 16, 2018A

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