A Sign of the Times?


See our new sign on Mount Rose Highway above the Thomas Creek intersection.  It’s time to publicize the problem and have serious discussions on how to proceed.  There is open talk of a moratorium on development in Lemmon Valley.  Considering that there are already over 100 development projects approved and not built for a total of 60,000 dwellings in Washoe County, it might be time to think of it county wide.

As the new leader for WRAP, I am appalled by some of the recently approved developments (Stonegate and Lemmon Valley Heights come to mind).  But, I am also encouraged by the growing sentiment across the county that we cannot keep going on this way.  The most important way to effect change is through the November elections.  Most of the incumbents support the current form of development.  Vote them out for a change.  Beyond that, there are ways using WRAP to work together effectively and influence development that have not yet been tried.

There is a lot of resistance to the new Lands Bill that would make more land available for development in the Truckee Meadows and make large wilderness areas in the north of the county.  This bill has few supporters.  See an excellent article about it and recent opinion pieces on the In the Media page.

Mark Lawson

5 thoughts on “A Sign of the Times?

  1. I would also suggest that people contact KUNR as they are doing a big series on the housing shortage and they are touching on what seems to be everything but the quality of life, environment, water, etc.

    They should be covering, in my opinion –

    1. How can this area continue to grow with the uncertainty of climate change;

    2. How continuing to build sprawl will continue to cause more traffic, congestion, and warming to our area;

    3. How continuing to build/sprawl will eventually turn our area into just another LA/Bay area because we have poor planning and do not adhere to the forest plan and master plan.

    4. What kind of water studies have they done in this area that ensures that even with a dwindling snowpack we will have sufficient water for the expected growth?

    5. What about the poor infrastructure?

    Just some thoughts…..

    Thank you for all of your work on this.


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  2. Steve: Thanks for this message and for running for Washoe County Commissioner District 2. We REALLY need your leadership on the Commission! Just sent you a $100 donation to help you on your way. Appreciate your commitment to reasonable development in the county. I’d be happy to do some volunteer work for your campaign — let me know!

    John Walmsley 1000 Zolezzi Ln. Reno, NV 89511

    On Mon, May 7, 2018 at 7:11 AM, Washoe Residents for Appropriate Planning wrote:

    > Steve Wolgast posted: ” See our new sign on Mount Rose Highway above the > Thomas Creek intersection. It’s time to publicize the problem and have > serious discussions on how to proceed. There is open talk of a moratorium > on development in Lemmon Valley. Considering that there ” >


    • Thanks for your donation! I’ve got more expenses coming up. I appreciate your support and will contact you for volunteer help. Steve


  3. Hi Steve — could you recommend someone to vote for Washoe County Commissioner 2 OTHER than Bob Lucey? I’d like to see him go but don’t know who else is running. Thanks for all the updates on development project approvals you send out — REALLY helpful info.

    Thx for letting me know who to vote for to get Lucey out.

    John Walmsley 1000 Zolezzi Ln.


    • Jon, I’m supporting Keith Lockard, a Democrat, who is running against Lucey. Keith’s campaign is off to a slow start: he has no primary opponent. He’s a retired civil engineer who worked in traffic planning. He is not well versed in the development issues we’re seeing, but he’s smart and has integrity. He will grasp the issues as they come before the county commission. Steve


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