New Management!

With my campaign for county commissioner, I’ve had to largely abandon my efforts in the WRAP group.  I am pleased to say that a new leader has stepped forward to take over my roles as “agent” and “treasurer”.  It is Mark Lawson from Washoe Valley who shares our passion to preserve what is so wonderful about the Truckee Meadows and to defend against bad development with its attendant problems.  I think he is the right person to advance the WRAP agenda and to better fulfill it’s potential.  There are initiatives to inform area residents and to monitor county activities and to support neighborhoods and to influence county procedures that I have not been able to pursue.

For my part, I’m seeking support for my campaign.  With no primary opponent, I have more time to reach voters.  I’m advancing that effort every day.  If elected, I will look to the WRAP group for the perspective of residents along with CAB meetings and public input at commission meetings.  Should I lose my bid for the commission seat, I expect to be active in WRAP once again.  I want to thank the WRAP activists for the support they’ve shown me and all that I have learned from them.  Steve Wolgast

4 thoughts on “New Management!

  1. you have our support Steve – I saved your letter & when I come up for air after being gone, I’ll make it more tangible.

    Ruth & Ron


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