He said it … I think he meant it. …


… did you feel the earth move?

It was at the end of tonight’s Planning Commission Meeting …

  • Commissioner Chesney “What are we doing about the situation in Lemmon Valley?”
  • Engineer Trevor Lloyd “The Board of County Commissioners is working on it.”
  • … some murmurs …
  • Commissioner Chesney “Shouldn’t we have some kind of moratorium on building there until that situation is sorted out?”  Commissioners Horan and Lawson concur.
  • Commissioner Chvilicek “Nathan, can we propose a moratorium?”
  • Attorney Nathan Edwards “I think so, but I don’t have the statute in front of me.  It would require Board of County Commissioners approval, so it may not be worth doing from the Planning Commission.  I will report back to the commissioners. “

I strongly inferred that Lawson will press to advance a moratorium on construction in Lemmon Valley even if the Planning Commission can only propose it to the county commissioners.

DISCLAIMER: The above is not accurately verbatim.  It is how I remember it: it happened pretty fast.





One thought on “M-Word

  1. Trevor Lloyd is likely not an engineer. His ‘official title’ is “Planning Manager for Washoe County”. He is also the secretary of the planning commission, which is likely the only reason he was at this meeting. He made, in 2017, $86k (Transparent Nevada). In my interactions with him, his job has been to explain why he the County couldn’t do anything about it (the Joy Lake enlargement comes to mind).


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