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Residents sue over Wildcreek Golf Course destruction for a school.  The Save Wildcreek organization is claiming the school project violates that area plan and that the sales price is below the market value.  The action is an injunction against the school board moving forward with the plan.  The lawsuit names the school board, the Reno-Sparks Visitors and Convention Authority, the Washoe County Board of Commissioners and the City of Sparks as defendants.  Washoe County Commissioner Vaughn Hartung and Sparks City Councilman and RSCVA board member Ed Lawson were left out of the suit. Both voted against the sale of the proposed land.  It’s a tough issue.  The school is needed, but based on a number of factors, the golf course is not be a good location.  LINK

Reno knew that Lemmon Valley would flood, but approved development there anyway.  Scandalous!  Development worsens flooding in two ways.  First, the development means more pavement and surfaces that are impervious to water thus restricting the absorption of water into the soil.  Second, is that more development means more volume processed by the water treatment plant which is pumped into Swan Lake after it is partially treated.  Swan Lake then floods the neighborhoods.  LINK

The Washoe County Planning Commission over-ruled the residents’ concerns and approved the new Lemmon Valley Heights development (Lawson and Burns voted “no”).  This is remarkable malfeasance given that some of the property has been underwater for over a year.  Their proposed solution is to build catch basins as part of the development.  An experienced hydrologist has remarked that catch basins will be ineffective against flooding in this situation.  The residents will appeal to the Washoe County Commission.  The county commissioners will have an opportunity to demonstrate their integrity or to confirm that they represent the developers, not the residents.  LINK

Have you heard of the Land Use Bill?  The out-of-state developers have.  Basically, there are 73,000 acres of BLM land from Pyramid Lake to Carson City.  Much of it is in scattered parcels.  County commissioners have traveled to Washington DC to lobby Senator Heller and Representative Amodei to support a bill to transfer these properties to the cities and the county.  Once transferred, these properties could be sold to developers.  This sale would enable a huge burst in development (think of Phoenix) and expected official malfeasance.  Selling off public lands to private owners has long been an element of Republican orthodoxy.  Amodei and Heller are likely predisposed to support it.  But, this is an election year.  Please e-mail, write or call these two to express your opposition to such a bill.  It is enough to say “I am opposed to such a bill.”  LINK

Representative Mark Amodei contact

Senator Dean Heller contact

Last and least … Steve Wolgast has announced his candidacy for County Commissioner in District 2 in a bid to replace Bob Lucey.  His platform is to faithfully represent the residents, homeowners, and taxpayers of Washoe County.  This is not being done at present.  His primary platform is to see smart growth as opposed to the irresponsible plans we see now.  Wish him luck.  Look for his information at http://www.wolgast4washoe.com (it’s not visible on Google yet).  Contact him at stevecwolgast@gmail.com.

3 thoughts on “Extra! Extra!

  1. Steve, this land public land issue is non-partisan. If you are going to be playing a “Blame the Republicans” card you are clearly shooting yourself in your own foot and guaranteeing your election loss. Similar bills in Pershing and other Nevada counties were actually sponsored by Harry Reid.


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