I was pleased to get this endorsement from a WRAP follower (ML) who is familiar with the County.

“My favorite thing about WRAP is it allows a wide range of Washoe residents to offer their perspectives on issues of mutual concern despite our varied political views. WRAP does not care if I am a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent. The group simply cares that I wish to maintain the quality of life we cherish and that I advocate for responsible and appropriate growth and planning. While WRAP is an excellent forum for us to express our concerns about irresponsible growth and development, it goes beyond that and is an organizing body that takes thoughtful action at planning commission meetings and board of commission hearings. It is also a uniting force that brings together citizens in all commission districts to fight against bad development. The group has been defeated in more than a few battles so far, but those battles have uncovered the deficiencies that exist in the current review and approval processes and more importantly they have revealed a commission that favors ANY AND ALL development regardless of harm to existing communities. I am working to effect change in the approval process that currently does not provide an independent review of questionable reports used in supporting irresponsible development. My next blog will address that more specifically. In the meantime I encourage you to follow WRAP and share it with your friend and neighbors. United we can make a positive change in Washoe County. ”  ML

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  • Check out my notes from meeting with Mike Kazmierski of EDAWN.  While he is a growth advocate he is concerned about poorly planned growth too.
  • See new additions to “In the Media” and “Washoe Development”.


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