Time Certain … 3:30PM, Tuesday 11/28

Please come!

The County has refined the agenda: the appeal hearing regarding the Colorock move to Pleasant/Steamboat Valley will be at 3:30 PM (or later) on Tuesday, November 28.  In summary, Gail Willey wants to move his wholesale rock operation into an area not zoned for industrial uses.  It will be a travesty for the neighbors and set a precedent in the county for gross violations of zoning.  This move has been denied by the CAB, then the Planning Commission, then the appeal to the Board of County Commissioners was denied, then the proposal to Board of Adjustment was denied.  On 11/28, Willey will appeal the Board of Adjustment decision.  This is truly the equivalent of putting a freeway in your yard.  Let’s give credence to the state motto “of Battle Born” and take the fight to the commissioners.  This is a fight for all of unincorporated Washoe.  Express your rage at the gross violations and non-compliances and stand with your neighbors next Tuesday.  Rumor has it that Commissioner Lucey is in favor of Colorock over the residents (voters).  Being polite and reasonable has had no visible effect on this council.  It’s time to make a little fuss and look toward 2018 for change.

2 thoughts on “Time Certain … 3:30PM, Tuesday 11/28

  1. I do not think that being hostile and crazy will change anything. In fact the Commissioners will just stop listening and vote against us because we are just a bunch of “loud mouth crazies”. I think that the reason we were successful with the Board of Adjustment is that we were “professional and respectful”.

    We need to have who ever sent the email saying that they lived behind his business and that the neighbors complained to the landlord about the noise and dust at the meeting. If you can have some of those neighbors at the meeting that will speak volumes.


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