Taking Form

It’s been slow with a bunch of intermediate steps, but the WRAP PAC is taking shape.  We need to get going since we’re fighting entrenched interests with a lot of money.

  • Bob Parker, David Sater and I are the officers for the PAC.
  • I have sent the PAC registration form to the Nevada Secretary of State
  • I have sent a request to the IRS for an Employer Identification Number.  While we have no employees, we need this number to get a checking account for the PAC.
  • I visited a Great Basin branch and have a list of the documents needed to open an account.
  • We are reviewing a draft set of bylaws for the organization.

The officers are needed to establish the PAC, but that does not define their roles.  We are considering candidates to join our board from all over the county.  Once we have a board, we can begin to consider the principal efforts of defeating Lucey and maybe Jung in 2018.  Also, we need a sustained outreach effort to individuals and area groups to advance the cause.

Lastly, I’ve created a new “In the Media” page showing recent articles about the commissioners and development in the area.  I still struggle mightily with WordPress, but I have some progress to show.  I hope this page is visible on the site.  I encourage neighbors to continue the drumbeat of negative press about problem development and problem commissioners.  We will not have the campaign budget to cover a lot of TV advertising.  We need to build on the widespread dissatisfaction with the commissioners and the direction of development.

2 thoughts on “Taking Form

  1. I am assuming that Steve W. wrote the above and refers to himself as “I”, but I cannot tell from the post dated September 1, 2017?


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