THE meeting Jan 3rd

Hello neighbors!! The time has come! A decision will be made.

The Washoe County Planning Commission meeting is Tues Jan 3rd, at 6:30 p.m. in the Washoe County Commission Chambers, 1001 E. 9th Street, Building A, First Floor, Reno.

It is absolutely VITAL that we get as many of our neighbors as possible to pack the house! Call the baby sitters, talk to your neighbors, canvas your area to make sure everyone knows about it. We will be sending out mailers to the entire area with an attached postcard for you to send your thoughts to our commissioners prior to the meeting. Please keep an eye open for it.

We have been working with many residents  from all over the Mt Rose corridor to gather as much info as we can. We have worked with experts from geologists and hydrologists, to lawyers, developers, engineers, environmental specialists and many other fields to develop the best plan of attack possible.

With this input, we have put together a half hour presentation, with power point, visual aids and video packages, that we will be delivering at the commission meeting. Due to the 3 minute limit per speaker, we have gathered volunteers from our area to read sections from our prepared statement. If you have any interest in being one of these volunteers please contact us at this website. If you wish to add your own 2 cents, you are encouraged to sign up for a speaking slot! Just know that we will be blocking out the first half hour of speaking slots for the presentation.

If you are unable to attend, but would like to know what was presented, we will post more information AFTER the meeting.

PLEASE NOTE, this meeting is subject to change, but we will not know until very close to the date. If you haven’t done so, please sign up for our mailer on the home page to receive meeting updates.

We hope to see you all there. Lets protect our way of life!

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