Here are the plans!

Ladies and gentleman, Ascente has been submitted. And here are the official plans:

Click to access TM16-009_SW16-003_ap.pdf

Everyone on the committee is scouring through the submission. We will take some time to review and game plan some next steps and we will get back to you.

When the time comes, it will be important to have as many people from the community as possible come together to voice any dissents we may have.

5 thoughts on “Here are the plans!

  1. My biggest concern is the traffic on Fawn Lane. Ascente have changed their plan to now route 75% of the traffic on Fawn Lane (from 50% in their original plan). The simple truth is they need their own access off Mt Rose highway, just like all the other major developments in the area.


    • It is a major concern that we have voiced with the planning department and with our commissioners. We have at least received verbal support that it makes more sense to go to Mt Rose, but the developers have a lot of difficult hurdles to get that done including having to purchase forest service land to build the road.


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