A Good Start

Thank you all for such a great turn out at our first community meeting! We had a lot of great information shared and had informative presentations from the WCSD and TMWA. I know we still have a lot of questions, and not everything has been answered, but its all a process. So here’s what’s next…

First and foremost, sign up to receive updates from this site by submitting your email address on the homepage (I promise I got nothin to sell, will limit the posts, and its all over when this whole deal with Ascente is over).

Also, please please please, if you have concerns or comments that have not been addressed, or find inaccuracies on the site, use the contact page. I need all the information gatherers I can get!

There are updates coming for the website to reflect the meeting, but I’ll be out of town for the weekend, so it will be delayed. This is why signing up for the email list will be helpful, you’ll get an email when there are any updates or changes.


We are formulating a committee of residents to organize all the information we have put together, and formulate a set of well researched questions to take to a meeting with the county planning office, and eventually the developers at their next planned meeting. With the names I have so far, it looks like our committee will be filled with smart, talented and passionate community members. If you want to join the ranks, please use the contact page to send me your name and how you can add to the Galena brain trust.

Thank you all again, and have a wonderful weekend!

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