The Reno Swamp

Most voters are exhausted by the shameless self-dealing that they hear about in Washington DC. We have our one version of such a swamp right here in northern Nevada. Much corruption is not illegal. By definition, corruption can be the performance of a “bad act” by a public official for personal gain. So, a city councilmember who takes a campaign contribution from a developer and then votes to give that developer special consideration for their project is arguably corrupt. By this standard, most of our local officials are corrupt. The result of this corruption is terrible traffic, inadequate emergency services, unsafe evacuation capacity, overcrowded schools, and flood hazard. There is also the tragedy of despoiled neighborhoods and spoiled vistas.

There are several posts that address aspects of this corruption.

Rogues Gallery” looks at some of the councilmembers and their ethical issues.

Follow The Money” is a study regarding councilmembers taking campaign contributions from development interests and how these councilmembers are voting on big development projects.

Daybreak Payday” reports on councilmembers rewarded by the Daybreak developers for voting to approve this scandalous project.