Terrasante Development


The Terrasante Development is located at the end of Callahan Road, South from the Mount Rose Highway.

Scope: 210 homes on 395 acres


  • Increased traffic on Callahan Road.  The problem is compounded since both the new Terrasante Development and the new Ascente development will roughly double the homes in the area without adding any new roads.
  • Fire evacuation is a grave concern with only two paved exit routes running parallel.  Many residents have horses: they need extra time to evacuate.  The Terrasante residents will face slow traffic when evacuating.


Status: Deadline for a final map has been delayed to June 6, 2021.  Any changes to the tentative map will require a new review by the Planning Commission and public input.

Developer: Gateway Company


The original plan was called Callamont and advanced by Reynen-Bardis.  The plan was abandoned due to market conditions.  This plan was approved by the Planning Commission on June 6, 2006.  Then extended to June 6, 2012.  Change to Terrasante approved in 2008.


Zoning document: Reynen-Bardis  plan detail in Appendix-A

Zone map including Reynen-Bardis development