Santerra/Quilici Properties


This is a new development planned west of Boomtown and south of I-80 for 1225 homes on 1,165 acres. It is inside the big bend of I-80 between Boomtown and Gold Ranch (LDC21-00017).

On December 16, 2020, the Reno Planning Commission approved the Master Plan amendment and zoning changes, but denied the tentative map and special use permits. Both decisions have been appealed to the Reno City Council.

This is part of the Mortensen Garson Overlay District, City of Reno zoning code. The property has been in the City of Reno sphere of influence for about 20 years and is private land. The Planning Commission reviewed the project in December 2020. The reasons for denial of the tentative map and zoning changes were:

1) The availability of public services such as schools, police and fire, and transportation.
2) Lack of adequate services and infrastructure
3) Traffic impacts and lack of a safe pedestrian/bicycle environment
4) Wildlife corridors

While the applicant has been working on mitigating these issues, there is still work needed.

  • There will be thousands more daily vehicle trips in and through Verdi, as well as I-80 traffic and congestion in general.
  • These are “country” off and on-ramps and cannot accommodate this additional traffic.
  • There are currently no City services and there is no plan for funding fire and police personnel/equipment, although there is a fire fee for building a fire station. Reno is unable to keep its current facilities staffed; how are new facilities going to be staffed? As resources are called out to outlying areas, other areas of Reno are left short-staffed and response times will continue to be longer.
  • There is no plan for improved roads and infrastructure. These are narrow, winding county roads that cannot safely accommodate 1000’s of additional vehicles. These roads are the primary way parents will transport their children to Verdi Elementary school until (and if) a new elementary school is built as indicated on the tentative map. What about the impacts to middle schools and high schools?
  • Wildlife Corridors – it is common for wildlife to traverse from north to south via the roadways that are being proposed as the secondary access. There needs to be a safe way to be continuous. More open space needs to be provided.
  • There is discussion of a Special Assessment District so that only new residents will pay for additional fees; however, that has not been made public nor completed.
  • There is no approved secondary access; this would support not only the Santerra/Quilici project, but also serves as a secondary access for all of Meridian 120 South (the project to the east). Crossing railroad tracks is not ideal as part of the access.


12/16/20 The Reno Planning Commission votes to approve the zoning change and the Master Plan amendment but does not approve the tentative map and the special use permit.

12/23/20 Resident (Argyris) appeals the Planning Commission approval of the zoning amendment as not consistent with the Mortensen-Garson Overlay District.

12/23/20 The developer (represented by Pagni) appeals the Planning Commission’s denial of their tentative map and Special Use Permit (SUP).

1/13/21 Reno City Council considers the appeals.

3/16/21 Argyris withdraws her appeal due to issues attending remotely. Argyris then reinstated her appeal.

3/24/21 Reno City Council votes to uphold the decisions of the Planning Commission.

NOTE: special thanks to Carly Borchard who compiled most of the information on this page.


City Council Meeting Agenda 3/24/21

City Council Video (starts at 8:05)