Mortensen Ranch Development


The Mortensen Ranch Development is part of the Mortensen-Garson zoning overlay district in Verdi.  The M-G district has been annexed by Reno.  It is bounded by the Somersett development to the east.  The plan is to build 676 homes on 6,000 acre lots within a 955 acre property.  Much of the property is too steep to build on.  The development occurs in two valley features.



Property Owner: Stan Lucas

Developer: D. Fred Altmann

Rubicon Design, Derek Wilson

Summit Engineering, Tom Gallagher


There will be two exits on the south side of the development connecting to 3rd St. and to I-80.  There will be a third, gated emergency exit on the east side going into the Somersett development.  Regular access to the Somersett development is prohibited.


Some water will be provided from an existing well in Boomtown while additional water will be provided by TMWA.


City sewer lines will be run to the development to connect to the Truckee Meadows Wastewater Reclamation Facility (TMWRF).


  • Two entry roads are insufficient for a development of this size.  This will produce gridlock at commute times and will be a hazard in case of a wildfire evacuation.  It will also hamper the transit of emergency vehicles into the neighborhood.
  • Building in the watershed drainage channels will produce flooding downstream in the Sierra Canyon development.
  • There are four new developments within the M-G district that can bring in 3,000 homes, but the developers are not coordinating on how infrastructure can be provided.
  • Fire and police protection depend on additional capability that is only vaguely described.



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