New Lands Bill Gets No Love

Last week, there was a public open house to introduce the new Lands Bill and then a second meeting to air public comment regarding the bill.  The open house apparently shared little information or details about how it would change the region.  In the second meeting, scorn was heaped on the plan with some intimations of corruption on the part of public servants who were promoting it.  The citizens were clear in their opposition: the local authorities should take notice.  See some of the reviews below.  There is little information about the bill, so there is not a lot of detail to report.  It’s a huge area (90,000 acres), but there is no plan as to what will be wilderness, open space, commercial development or residential development.

Pamela Galloway’s report: Lands bill meeting

ThisIsReno: Lands_Bill

Bob Fulkerson (of PLAN) “Sprawl Bill”

Reno Gazette Journal: “County Rolls Out Lands Bill …”

LATE ADDITION: The Sierra Ally: “Strong opposition voiced …”


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