Regional Water Comm. Considerations

The Western Regional Water Commission (WRWC)is considering new approaches to address wastewater handling for the North Valleys.  One proposal on their agenda is to redirect some or all of the RSWRF (Stead sewer plant) discharge to Long Valley Creek in Lockwood east of Sparks north of Peavine Mountain in California (item 8).  The proposal is to budget $75,000 to study the proposal.  It is not explicit whether this would be to divert some of the current discharge, or only the additional discharge related to expansion.  With the RSWRF expansion plans denied by the Reno Planning Commission, it is not clear if this will still be seriously considered.

The WRWC will also consider budgeting $100,000 to re-map the current designated flood zones in Lemmon Valley (item 9).

Meeting details: 

Thursday, May 23, 9:00 AM, Sparks Council Chambers, 745 Fourth St., Sparks


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