Take 5: oppose SB327 Today!

The Senate Bill 327 will allow developers to get easier approval for massive developments (like Stonegate or Daybreak) with less public review.  It is written by Ben Kiekhefer on behalf of his employer who works for developers.  It passed the Nevada Senate by a wide margin.  It is now before the Government Affairs Committee in the Assembly which does not seem to take much interest in it.  They may review it as early as Thursday 5/16 (agenda).

Note: the bill has been substantially edited from the original version, but the effect and intent are unchanged.

Please send one or more members on the Government Affairs Committee a brief message telling them to oppose this terrible gift to developers.  Developments built under these rules could detract from the appeal of the Truckee Meadows for generations.

List of Committee Members … click the name for a contact form.

If you have time, come to the hearing.  It will be in Room 3143 in the Legislative Building in Carson City starting at 9:30 AM.  The committee is considering a number of bills.  There is no guarantee that this bill will be covered on 5/16.

3 thoughts on “Take 5: oppose SB327 Today!

  1. Thank you for this. I wrote in and received a reply from an actual person, not automated, that my comments would be posted at the next meeting. Honestly, I am not hopeful. To stop the overdevelopment, we need to stop the corruption that allows it in the first place.


  2. Dear Steve, I just want to tell you thank you for all you are doing for the folks in Washoe County.

    You are are keeping them informed on important meetings, attending meetings and reporting on them and addressing issues pertinent to them.

    Just want you to know I truly appreciate you for all you do!

    Sincerely, Jeanne

    Sent from my iPhone. Jeanneherman



  3. hi – looks like it got taken off the 5/16/19 agenda, unless I am missing it somewhere. Any idea why? Thank you!


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