County Scandal 3/12/19 Edition

It looks like the deteriorating conditions are taking a sharp turn for the worse in Lemmon Valley.  Neighbors reported to the Washoe County Commission today the following developments.


There appears to be a portable unit pumping untreated effluent directly into Swan Lake.


Some of the levies around the wastewater plant are now submerged so that the  treatment basins are no longer isolated from Swan Lake.

One neighbor only has one dry spot on her 10-acre property.  Her car gets stuck in the mud on the way to the paved road.  She is seeing the worst flooding in recent years and the runoff season is just starting.

The elementary school is at the edge of the floodwaters.  Plastic nets have been erected as temporary fencing to keep the pupils from the contaminated water.

The road bed under Pompe Road now has ten steady leaks from one side to the other through the road bed.  These are new in the last few weeks and appear to be growing.  County Engineer Dwayne Smith has asserted that this leakage does not threaten the integrity of the road.  He has little credibility with the neighbors.

The Hesco barriers have ever increasing leaks as they deteriorate.

Not raised today by the speakers is that observation that this year is not an unusual year for storms or for precipitation.  The “new normal” for these residents appears to be deteriorating.

6 thoughts on “County Scandal 3/12/19 Edition

  1. Perhaps the city council needs to take a field trip to these locations and access the damage first hand and speak to the residents and those affected by horrific devastation.never mind the fact that they have allowed the developers to build more housing? Unacceptable is my opinion.


  2. I agree 100% with the field trip concept. It is appalling to see what our trusted local government has allowed to happen. Come on out and take a look! I guarantee it is worse than the picture the county has painted.


  3. I also agree that field trip is required. Can’t believe field trip not taken already! It is my opinion that the infrastructure of this area needs to be corrected by the City of Reno and Washoe County before any building is done/and or approved. It seems to me that the hope of the City and County is that the developer of course will take a lot of this on so city and county don’t have spend money. And, the whole plan is still not in alliance with current Lemmon Valley residential structure, 1 house per acre, OR 1 per 2 acres, there is a reason for this structure. Also, this area does not need any additional industrial facilities. FIX OUR CURRENT INFRASTRUCTURE !


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