There’s no big, new story this week, but there are still things to report.


Moratorium Sign 8/2/18

The property owner was told by the county that there was a complaint about the “Washoe County Development is Out Of Control!  Time for a Moratorium?” sign facing Mount Rose Highway at Thomas Creek Rd.  No ordinance was cited and no citation was issued indicating the infraction.  So far, efforts to find the justification for the complaint have been unsuccessful.  There will be more follow-up, but the motivation might be political.  We have taken the sign down.  It will likely be restored at a later date; maybe with a new message.


Northern Nevada Water Planning Commission Meeting 8/1/18

This meeting reviewed the “consensus plan” for area population growth and the expected annual water availability report.  The region’s population is expected to grow from 452,000 (2017) to 559,000 in 2036.  RWMP reported that 190,000 acre-feet of water could be sustainable consumed from existing sources.  They estimate that 100,000 acre-feet of water is needed for the expected population of 559,000.  Concern was expressed that drier weather, shorter snow seasons, and increased evaporation from Lake Tahoe will adversely affect the water availability.  There was also concern that the 190,000 af number might include water that was not available or not potable.  The reports were accepted.


Zolezzi Property Development (Autumn Wood II) 7/30/18

Residents met to learn about the Autumn Wood I and Autumn Wood II developments on Zolezzi Lane next to the Montessori School.  The plan was unanimously denied by the Planning Commission for non-compliance with the area plan.  There was substantial concern over flooding and traffic as well.  The developer plans to appeal, and the neighbors need to prepare.  The developers can expect a more favorable hearing from the County Commission.


Echevaria Ranch; Joint Meeting 7/30/18

The Echevaria Ranch property is near the Stonegate project at the foot of Peavine Mountain. The property is part of the Reno-Stead Corridor Joint Plan. Like Stonegate, it is a huge project which represents a radical extension of the city into the unincorporated county.  There is room for 67 homes based on the current rural zoning on the 559 acres.  The request for re-zoning consistent with the Re-Imagine Reno plan would allow for 3,000 homes.  Residents expressed concern about emergency services, traffic, and school overcrowding.  There were two proposals being covered.  First was a proposal to remove this property from the joint plan and cede it to the City of Reno’s jurisdiction.  This was approved releasing Washoe County’s interest in the property.  The second proposal was to approve re-zoning the property for urban-scale densities.  This proposal was denied.  It will be brought up again when there is a development plan to consider.


Reno City Council on Stonegate  7/25/18

City Councilwoman Brekhus inveighed against the earlier Stonegate approval.  She pointed out inconsistencies in the plans to build, staff, and operate the fire stations needed to protect the new development.


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