Westview Estates


This is a hillside development up the slope from Damonte Ranch High School and a little to the North.  It is bounded by the Palisades development to the West (downhill).  It is 81 acres on two parcels with a plan for 69 homes.  The traffic report indicates that the homes will generate 739 additional trips.  The traffic engineer (Paul Solaegui) claims that no traffic study is needed for such a small development.  The tentative map is part of the recent zone-change application.


Reviewed by the Reno Ward-2 Neighborhood Advisory Board on August 20, 2019.  No meeting minutes are available as of 11/4/19.  It has not been presented to the Reno Planning Commission as of 11/4/19.

Developer: John Krmpotic, KLS Design

Applicant: Jack Dolan


Zone Change Application 6/10/19


Drainage, Traffic, Wastewater, other reports

Runoff, Geotech Report, TMWA Report

Zone Change Application 11/13/17