Verdi Village Apartments


This is a complex of 6 2-storey and 5 3-storey apartment buildings north of I-80 on 10.7 acres.  It is next to Cabela’s bounded on the east by a KOA campground and on the west by an industrial park.  It consists of eleven buildings including 242 apartments.  The area is zoned Multi-family-14, but that would only allow 150 apartments.  The SUP is needed because of the increased density and because of the grading that is needed.



Verdi Village LLC

DMG Developments

Rubicon Design Group, Derek Wilson


  • Garson Rd. bridge may not be able to handle the traffic.
  • Three stories is a problem: it is incompatible with the neighborhood.
  • It is a dark-skies area, and the 3-storey buildings will contribute light pollution.