Upland Estates



  • 46.3 acres of undeveloped property on the east side of the Pyramid Highway.
  • Developer wants to change zoning from commercial to suburban residential.
  • Changing the zoning would allow for 129 new homes.


  • Change to residential would increase peak traffic in the area.
  • Commercial area is needed in this vicinity.
  • This rezoning would violate the Spanish Springs Area Plan.
  • Sewer capacity for new homes.


The developer claimed that residential zoning would reduce peak traffic, but this is based on the assumption that a large hospital would be built on the site.  Furthermore, the fraction of “pass by” trips versus “go to” trips appears to have been manipulated in the traffic study to indicate more traffic with the commercial zoning.

The developer claimed that the residential zoning would reduce the sewer load relative to commercial zoning.  This is implausible.


  • CAB recommended that the project be reviewed by the Planning Commission
  • Staff recommended denial of the application
  • 2/5/19 Planning Commission votes to deny the project unanimously