Silver Hills Development



The Silver Hills development plan is for 780 acres currently under the North Valleys Area Plan Character Management Area zoned “Low Density Suburban” that specifies 1 acre minimum lots.  The developer is seeking a zoning amendment to remove these four parcels from the North Valleys Area Plan Character Management Area and to create a new Silver Hills Suburban Character Management Area to define these parcels.  The developer plans to develop with an average density of 2.4 homes per acre for 1,872 homes.  The developer provided a handout at the CAB meeting on 3/11/19.  There was no decision by the CAB board since the developer is making additional changes to the plan.  The presentation was considered informational only.  There is no detailed “tentative map” showing the plans for the design at this time.


Silver Hills and Daybreak Before TMRPC, 1/24/20

Silver Hills Denial Overturned, 10/22/19

Silver Hills Project Denied by NVCAB, 6/10/19

Rough Reception for Silver Hills Project, 3/12/19

Be of Good Cheer, 12/22/19


Denial recommended by county planning staff 6/13/19:

     WMPA17-0010 and WRZA17-0005 Silver Hills Staff Report