Prado Ranch North



A new development of 130 homes on 36 acres at the north end of Lemmon Valley in the vicinity of the Lemmon Valley Park and the water treatment plant.  The developer would agree to have the new development be incorporated in the City of Reno extending the city’s boundaries and expanding the tax base.


Flooding is the primary concern.  Part of this property flooded in 2017.  The developer plans to bring in soil to elevate the new homes, but the soil compaction and paving will worsen flooding in the area.  Lemmon Valley is already the poster child for irresponsible planning.  It is hard to imagine that the mistake would be repeated with the evidence still so fresh.

Traffic is another concern.  The traffic study estimates that 1400 car trips will be added to local traffic.  Traffic studies by local engineering firms are highly suspect: they are biased toward the developer’s interest.

And what about the taxpayers of Washoe?  Will the new development mean that more area homes will become uninhabitable and burden the county with some form of restitution?  That appears to be the plan.


Lansing-Arcus LLC, San Diego



Master Plan Amendment Application October 12, 2015

Tentative map applied for August 8, 2016


Facebook: Lemmon Valley Flood Relief/Assistance

See the new tentative map:


Proposed Master Plan Amendment for Prado Ranch North

Reno upholds planning commission denial of Prado Ranch development, 12/3/17