Prado Ranch 2018

Prado Ranch development has had several chapters, so it’s a little confusing to keep them straight.  There is a Prado North development in the unincorporated county that was recently approved on appeal by the Washoe County Board of Commissioners after being denied by the Washoe Planning Commission.  The development has gone through several iterations since it was first proposed in 2015.  The latest change is to develop a large section of the property as industrial rather than residential.  The request before the City (12/19/18) is to make a zoning amendment and allow a Planned Unit Development.

Main features:

  • The site is 729 acres in 14 parcels.
  • 176 single family du on 44 acres
  • 529 multifamily du on 32 acres
  • 10 acres commercial
  • 195 acres industrial
  • Change from 316 acres single family homes and 77 acres of mixed residential to 87 acres mixed residential plus 195 acres industrial.
  • Parks and open space to increase from 334 acres to 446 acres bordering Swan Lake
  • Expect sewage generation of 187,500 gallons a day or more.
  • Expect to consume 625 acre-feet of water or more per year.
  • Expect at least 15,000 additional car trips per day.


Lansing Development Company, LLC, San Diego

Stacy Huggins, Wood Rogers lobbyist




Reno Planning Commission_121918



PRADO RANCH MP and PUD ZM LDC16-00026 AND LDC17-00019