Pleasant Valley Estates


This is a proposal for 58 single family homes on 42 acres at the end of Chance Lane off of Rhodes Road.  Some of the property is too steep to be suitable for building.  The development will be compatible with Medium Density Suburban zoning with lot sizes ranging from 0.3 to 2.3 acres.  The average lot size will be 0.5 acres.  Surrounding lots currently have varying zoning and allowed densities.

The development will  connect to the neighborhood to the North (Rocky Vista Road) which has access to Toll Road thus connecting Toll Road and Old 395.

The developer claims that no traffic impact study is required for a development of this size.  The developer expects the 58 new homes to only house 28 students attending area primary, middle, and high schools.

Residents are concerned that such suburban density is not consistent with the semi-rural character of the area.  They are also concerned about the condition of Rhodes Road which will be the primary access to the development.  The bridge over Steamboat Creek is reduced to one lane due to the deterioration of the bridge.

Developer: Harry Fry

Design: Rubicon Design


10/1/19: Pleasant Valley Estates Project denied by Washoe Planning Commission

11/7/19: Rhodes Road Bridge condition considered by Citizens Advisory Board


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Tentative Map

CAB Agenda 3/7/19


Pleasant Valley Estates Denied 5/16/20

Pleasant Valley Estates Appeal 5/8/20

Recent Events 10/2/19