Meridian 120 South (Verdi)




This development is on the south side of Route 80 in Verdi.  The plan is for 6 “villages” built in stages for a total of 558 dwellings.  Villages 1 & 2 are the first phase.

The first phase includes two “villages” on 53.6 acres.  There will be 14 homes on 1-acre lots and 64 homes on 0.19-acre lots.  The smaller homes may only be 8′ from the property line.  This development has later phases to complete 5 “villages”.  The developer claims there will only be 78 “peak hour trips” so a traffic study is not required.  If many homes have two workers and maybe a university student, the number would exceed the number needed for a traffic study.  Developer-funded traffic studies in the area are notoriously inaccurate favoring the developer.


  • The existing homes are on wells.  TMWA has bought the local water company and would plan to provide water to the new homes from a large well.  This will likely lower the water table so that existing homes lose their water
  • Piecemeal development means the developer is only showing the first phase to make it easier to expand the project later.  This would be illegal in California.
  • The optimistic plan would still leave the schools beyond capacity.  The developer claims there will be few school-age children per household.
  • Drainage is a problem in this area bringing an increased risk of flooding with the development.
  • The current roads are only adequate for light traffic with two 1-lane bridges.  Evacuation in case of fire will be very hazardous.
  • Bringing in a high-density suburban development will drive away wildlife and spoil the rural character of the area.  It is an environmentally sensitive area.
  • Fire services will be inadequate for the additional residences.  There is no likelihood that enough new resources will be added.


Reno Land Inc.

Wood Rogers


Reno Approves all of Meridian 120 South, 6/10/20

Meridian 120 South Approved (Mostly) , 2/21/20

Meridian South Villages 3-4 Continued, 10/4/19

Recent Events, 10/2/19

Overwhelming Verdi, 9/19/19

View from Verdi, 4/13/19


Villages 3 & 4: SUP revised 7/24/19 

Villages 3 & 4: Tentative Map July 2019

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Meridian 120 South Plan: Tentative Map & Special Use Permit: 4/10/17

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