Evans Ranch Development


This is a 5,700-residence development on 2,200 acres located north of the Stead Airport and Cold Springs, roughly bounded on the East by Red Rock Road.  It was approved in 2008 and annexed into the City of Reno.  The plan is to be a complete community with commercial areas, schools, parks, and church properties.  The development will have a variety of housing types including some town homes.  The residential areas are considered as 9 “villages”.

  • Water for the development will be imported from the Fish Springs source.
  • Wastewater services would be provided by the Cold Springs Wastewater Reclamation Facility.  This facility would need to be expanded to handle the additional effluent.  The developer proposes a large effluent reservoir in the Lemmon Valley Basin to store the additional effluent.  The idea is to store the effluent in the winter and draw it down in the summer when it can be used for irrigation.
  • The developer will provide a site for Reno to build a fire station.
  • The developer will provide two sites for elementary schools.  There is no reference to middle schools or high schools.
  • Traffic plans will be developed for the 25%, 50%, and 90% final map stages.

Note: maps shown on the PUD are too small with poor resolution to be clear.


Property Owners: Wallach IX & Lifestyle Homes


1/29/14 The Reno City Council approves the PUD

Realtor presentation for Evans Ranch & Silver Star Ranch;

    Evans Ranch


PUD Handbook