CORRECTION: Sewer Annexation Issues

There was a misunderstanding regarding assertions from the Truckee Meadows Regional Planning Commission yesterday.  Part of the issue is that there are two new sewer bond issues being considered now.  One is for $54M for sewer improvements serving the North Valleys and one is for $50M for sewer improvements serving the South Valleys.  This may have been the root of the misunderstanding.

I had a brief conversation with Councilwoman Jenny Brekhus this morning to confirm her positions and statements.

  • She wants to see annexation occur under the guise of “program annexation” which falls under the aegis of TMRPA involving Washoe County, Sparks, and Reno.  This would be annexation that is aligned with the regional plan.
  • She does not want to see the secondary property-initiation annexations which have been used historically.  These annexations can be initiated by a request from the property owner to the City.  In this case the properties can be annexed without regard to the regional plan.  She sees this as a bad process.
  • She does not want to see Washoe County creating suburban neighborhoods in unincorporated areas as it if were a city.  She is thinking specifically of the new Washoe County developments approved in the North Valleys (ie Lemmon Valley Heights and Prado North).

I regret that her position was not represented correctly yesterday.  I appreciate the forbearance of our readers.  We do our best, but sometimes we get it wrong.