Colina Rosa Development


Grading on Saturday, December 9 2017 as seen from the Steamboat Hills


View from Galena, December 9, 2017

The Colina Rosa Development will be located along the Mount Rose Highway (SR 431) on the uphill side of the Edmonton Road intersection.  It will expand the Galena development North from the cradle of the Steamboat Hills to the highway.

Scope: 94 units on 20.1 acres on 2 existing properties.

It is covered by the Mount Rose Highway Commercial Overlay District within the Forest Area Plan which will allow for a density of up to 5 units per acre.


  • Edmonton at SR 431 is presently a terribly dangerous intersection with returning motorists making a left turn in front of two lanes of high-speed downhill traffic.  It will be that much worse with 94 more homes.  Exiting Edmonton is dangerous in either direction with no acceleration lane to go downhill.
  • The new residents will use existing roads.  No new roads will be provided.  Current residents have concerns about the increased neighborhood traffic.
  • Only 30′ of buffer will be provided between the new development and SR 431.  This will impact the character and view from the Mount Rose Highway (meant to be protected) and it will burden the new residents with the highway fumes and noise as cars and trucks accelerate up the steep grade.


Developer: Towne Development of Sacramento

Status: Tentative Map approved by Planning Commission 5/3/16: Minutes


Tentative Map, 01/15/16

Area Homeowners Protest, 03/04/16