Butler Ranch North


This development is a newer variant of the earlier Butler Ranch development.  It is the northern part of the massive Daybreak development which is bounded on the north side by Mira Loma Drive.  The master plan amendment was approved in 2006.  It is a zombie project that’s been dormant since the Great Recession.  The developer is presently applying for a tentative map.

This is a slightly unusual approach since the developer wants to create 9 villages which will be sold to individual builders.  The builders will complete the detailed design and apply for tentative map approvals for the individual villages.


Development on 176 acres.

Current zoning will accommodate 1550 dwelling units.


Developer; NPLC BV Investment Company, Newport Beach, CA

Engineering/Technical; Wood Rogers (Andy Durling)

Tentative Map Plan LDC19-00043 slide 13

Reno Staff Presentation 3/5/19