Arrowcreek Middle School


Location: at the interstection of Thomas Creek Road and Arrowcreek Parkway on the Northwest quadrant.  It is across Thomas Creek Road from the Fire Station #36.  Size: 51.5 acres.  It will be designed to accommodate 1400 students.  The design will be similar to the Depoali Middle School, but adapted to the Arrowcreek site.

The new middle school would relieve some overcrowding in area elementary schools because sixth graders could move to the new school.  Hunsberger, Brown and Double Diamond elementary schools are already over capacity (Brown 139%, Double Diamond 132%).

Funding for new school construction, including this project, would come from the WC-1 sales tax (0.54%).  Estimated costs $65-$70M.


  • Traffic: Arrowcreek Parkway already has heavy traffic.  Thomas Creek is a two lane road not suitable to school traffic.  There is no traffic study to justify the new school.
  • Early grading proposed will stir up dust and risk run off and erosion given that the development plan is not approved.
  • The view will be blocked for the immediate neighbors.
  • Run-off control during the winter is an issue that does not seem to be addressed.


  • December 2004 WCSD filed an Education Land Grant Act (ELGA) application for a 100 acre parcel at that location.  This was withdrawn in March 2017.
  • 4/26/17 Washoe County School District filed an ELGA for 60 acres from the Forest Service for the Arrowcreek School Campus.
  • 10/11/17 Neighborhood Meeting to explain the development plan
  • 5/3/18 Plan presented to West Valley CAB.  The CAB approved the proposal to go to the Planning Commission.
  • 6/17/18 Request a special-use permit to allow grading of the school site even with the plan not approved.


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