Higher Density Zoning at Planning Comm. 3/1

The Washoe County Planning Commission will consider amending the zoning categories in the unincorporated county master plan to include a category for 2 homes per acre (LDS-2). Currently, 1-home-per-acre is the highest density zoning allowed for master plan amendments. This change favors developers for whom higher densities allow for greater profit. This runs counter to the original intent of the county’s area plans that specify a rural or pastoral setting outside the City of Reno where higher housing densities are expected. Many residents of the unincorporated county live there specifically because they don’t want the urban-density development. The proposal is originating from the Washoe County Planning Department under the direction of the Board of County Commissioners.

Residents can attend the meeting on Tuesday, 3/1/2022 at 6:00 PM via Zoom with this LINK.

Residents can also contact any of the planning commissioners to let them know their opinions. Comments will be tallied as “for” or “against”. Some of them may be read in the meeting. You are not limited to contacting only the planning commissioner for your district.

Planning Commission Meeting Agenda 3/1/2022

Zoning Proposal for LDS-2

14 thoughts on “Higher Density Zoning at Planning Comm. 3/1

  1. Please do not sell out our peaceful life here in Washoe Valley.
    Please don’t allow new zoning that includes two homes per acre. We need this one spot of unincorporated county property to remain rural. Please keep this valley rural.


  2. Please don’t change the zoning in Washoe Valley to LDS-2.
    We have a rural way of life here and it is something we must maintain.
    When we first s bought our property zoning was for no smaller than one home on 10 acre parcels. Big money has too much power. Don’t buy into that. Please keep unincorporated Washoe Valley rural
    Thank you.


  3. Please note my opposition to higher density zoning in the rural and unincorporated areas of Washoe County. Please stop the urban sprawl, the increasing demand on our limited natural resources, increasing congestion and pollution, and adversely impacting our rural way of life. It’s time to refocus on existing residents, maintaining and improving our ways of life, and not maximizing continued development and profit. Thank you.


  4. I have lived in Washoe Valley on the east side for 33 years I DO NOT want our valley divided into 1/2 acre lots we bought out here to have at least an acre so we can enjoy our way of life. Please leave us out of this plan besides we have always been told we only have the natural resources for what was always proposed for this valley don’t forget we are desert here water is precious.


  5. South Reno is already experiencing the effects of the uncontrolled influx of people… Our grocery stores’ shelves get stripped of goods, law enforcement is strapped, crime is an everyday occurrence, traffic is horrible, we already have water restrictions, and of course there is the smog and pollution… and now you want to load more people into this area beyond what was initially planned? This is not common sense thinking, this is “fill my pocketbook” thinking. I’ll remember this come the next election.


  6. This land backs up to BLM and is supposed to be protected. This area is home to many who enjoy a more quiet lifestyle with families, horses, and a different pace found in the country. This density change would be disruptive to may and disturb the land and natural beauty of the area. There are enough areas in The Valley to develop without need for changing the scenery of Mt. Rose. Let’s preserve this beautiful neighborhood.


  7. The reason we moved outside Reno’s city limits was to live in a more rural area. We do not want to live in a higher density area and do not want more traffic and noise. Please do not just look at someone’s bottom line to approve this! Keep the residents that moved here because of the promise to keep it rural happy.


  8. Against Zoning Change – Steve & Carol Moraca 5764 Carl Drive – We feel since the majority of homes are currently in excess of 1 acre per household the minimum should be 1 household per acre to maintain the quality of life in this region of the county. Do not diminish this lifestyle to accomodate the profitability of any future development.


  9. Hi Steve,

    I used a bunch of your comments from this article for the county planners for the cause against the Mogul developer/s April 5 & 7. You made some excellent comments. Thanks! Barb Fenne

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