Sierra Reflections Extension Proposed

The massive development in the Pleasant Valley and Steamboat Valley area is being considered for an extension of it’s final map deadline from June 14, 2020 to June 14, 2022.  The Washoe County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) gave the first reading of this proposal on Tuesday 4/14/20.  The Sierra Reflections project was first approved in 2006 and has had the deadline (5 year) extended repeatedly.  With a proposed size of 938 homes on 760 acres, it is one of the largest of the zombie projects in Washoe County.  It will dramatically alter the Pleasant Valley and Steamboat Valley neighborhoods if it is built.  The item is #19 on the agenda.

Commissioners Herman, Hartung, Lucey (presiding), and Berkbigler were present.  Hartung and Berkbigler were wearing masks in light of the Covid-19 virus precautions.  The chambers were closed to the public.

This project is subject to the South Valleys Area Plan and is in Commissioner Lucey’s district.

The County Clerk indicated that some updates were amended fire safety provisions with current fire code requirements and removing the Department of Water Resources restrictions now that Truckee Meadows Water Authority is the water provider.

There was little discussion.

Commissioner Hartung “I have no discomfort with this.”

Commissioner Lucey “This was recently approved unanimously by our Citizens Advisory Board (March 5, 2020).”

Ken Krater, developer, “I can assure you we have been working on this project diligently.  We are improving the Steamboat Creek channel.  Working with community and NDOT to consider a roundabout at the intersection of Eastlake Blvd and Old 395.  We’re working on the design of the sewer line that will reach through Pleasant Valley.

Commissioner Lucey  “Will bring this forward for adoption at the April 28, 2020 board meeting

6 thoughts on “Sierra Reflections Extension Proposed

  1. Thanks Steve. Have you seen any map or description of the sewer line’s route and how far into the Valley’s it will extend?

    Also, will these 938 homes bring the existing sewage treatment plant to its current capacity?

    Is there any plan to expand the sewage treatment plant? (I thought that proposal came up last year but don’t recall the outcome.)

    Thanks for any info.



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