Stonegate Approval Illegal?

The Reno City Council approved the giant, far-flung Stonegate development at their meeting 2/14/18.  Councilwoman Brekhus was the only “no” vote citing many issues that were not adequately addressed in the application.  She went on to appeal the first development stage on the grounds that the creation of “superpads” is not permitted (1/10/19).  The developer proposed a novel plan in which the residential lots were not defined at the time of tentative map approval.  Instead, his plan incorporates “superpads” which are large tracts of land where individual lots are not defined.  The stated intent was to allow commercial builders to buy individual superpads and to come forward with tentative maps to their liking after purchase.

Brekhus argued that there is no allowance for superpads on tentative maps in the Nevada Revised Statute 278 that governs development.  The McDonald Carrano law firm (representing the developer) joined the city attorney and the community development staff to refute this interpretation of the Nevada statutes.  The Brekhus appeal was denied by the majority including Mayor Schieve, and Council Members Bobzien, Jardon, Duerr, and Weber.

For this current legislative session, Senate Bill SB327 formally authorizes the use of superpads on a tentative map.  This bill is sponsored by Senator Kiekhefer who is an employee of the McDonald Carrano law firm that represents the developer.  In light of SB327, one has to suspect that Councilwoman Brekhus was correct in her assessment that superpads are not permissible under current statutes.  The attendant conclusion is that the City approved a giant development that does not comply with Nevada law.  The city council’s development bias, that supercedes consideration for public good and adherence to the master plan, may have taken the city council too far in this case.


Brekhus AppealBrekhus Superpad Appeal

Carrano Letter: McDonald-Carano Superpad justify_0

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