Summary of Road Safety Audit Conducted on Mt. Rose Highway – July 2018

Traffic Increase 2011-2017

If you regularly drive Mt. Rose Highway you have probably noticed that traffic has really increased in the last four years. It feels like accidents are a threat to your daily drive, it’s not your imagination!   The table provided in this link ( indicates the degree of traffic increase from 2014-17.

Road Safety Audit Summary

In response to public concerns regarding increasing accidents and near-misses, including a fatal accident on Mt. Rose Highway, NDOT Safety Engineering Division in coordination with NDOT Roadway Design, authorized a Road Safety Audit (RSA) to be conducted on Mount Rose Highway (SR 431) from milepost MP WA18.694 to MP WA 23.050 and SR 431 MP WA 0.00 TO MP WA 8.00. The RSA was conducted on July 17-18, 2018. Present for the audit included NDOT Engineering and Maintenance personnel, NHP, Deputy Washoe County Sheriff, Washoe County Traffic, Kimley-Horn Traffic Engineering Consultants, and two Callahan residents. A Traffic Control Evaluation Study is also underway for the Callahan-Mt. Rose Highway intersection.

The open forum began with observations regarding increasing traffic safety issues, particularly at certain intersections and road segments; and concerns regarding the projected increase in traffic due to several new developments along Mt. Rose Highway from Timberline to I-580 Freeway. NDOT completed a traffic volume count and corridor crash analysis (January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2017) and presented the results to the group. Additional discussion and information sharing included weather-related traffic and maintenance issues and the types of traffic controls being evaluated for the intersections of concern.

The team conducted afternoon, evening and early morning observations at several intersections along Mt. Rose Highway from Incline to Wedge Parkway. Topics included:

  • Current traffic operations, pedestrian and bicycle usage
  • Maintenance Issues
  • Safety Issues
  • Possible traffic calming and highway upgrades

An audit close-out session was held to summarize findings, observations, road conditions, and possible traffic safety solutions for each intersection investigated.   Salient topics covered in the Mt. Rose RSA included:

    • Road alignment and cross section: visibility, design speed, drains, passing, shoulders
    • Auxilliary lanes: tapers, shoulders, signs and markings, and turning traffic
    • Intersections: location, visibility, signing, layout, pedestrians and bicyclists, lighting
    • Interchanges: visibility, sight distance, lanes, shoulders, pedestrians and bicyclists, lighting
    • Signs and lighting: general signs issues, sign legibility, sign supports
    • Marking and delineation: general issues, centerlines, edgelines, lane lines, guideposts, reflectors, curve warning and delineation
    • Barriers and clear zones: end treatments, crash cushions, pedestrian railing, visibility of barriers and fences.
    • Parking
    • Traffic signals
    • Bridges and culverts
    • Floodways and Causeways
    • Pedestrian and bicyclist safety and older drivers

 NDOT, NHP, Washoe County traffic engineers and the traffic consultants created a attached the summary matrix of the issues and recommendations for each segment and intersection of concern on Mt. Rose Highway. This document is too lengthy to include in this post; however the final RSA Report is anticipated to be complete in September and will be summarized in a subsequent post. Final recommendations and priorities for highway improvements will be considered by NDOT. Construction costs and schedules are outside the scope of this RSA and will be completed separately.

3 thoughts on “Summary of Road Safety Audit Conducted on Mt. Rose Highway – July 2018

  1. This site continues to be a wealth of information regarding issues of concerns to our neighborhoods. Ms. Hemlein and Mr. Wolgast in particular continue to contribute thoughtful and informative pieces and I commend them both for their active involvement in our community. Thank you to these neighborhood champions and thank you to each of you and all of you that visit this site in an effort to keep informed. We can and must make a difference come November! Time to vote out the incumbent commissioners who are more concerned with representing developers and unsustainable growth in our neighborhoods despite the consequences than they are with the concerns of the citizen who voted them into office. Just attend a board of County Commissioners meeting if you don’t believe me and see the lip service paid to neighborhood concerns. Keep the conversation going. Please share WRAP with your thoughtful neighbors.

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