The Ascente preparations are moving forward.  They have been using a tracked excavator this week to cut trenches to locate earthquake faults.  Our first impression is that they are not following best practice and may not be making a good-faith effort to find the faults.  Since they fill in their trenches immediately, we can’t see what they’ve unearthed or whether the trench is deep enough to be informative.  They have also started drilling at selected locations to see how deep the loose soil and rocks are before they hit the base rock.  This will indicate how difficult it will be to excavate to level the roads and the lots and run the trenches.

We are advancing too.  We are planning a strategic meeting for the WRAP initiative.  Our PAC is now registered with the state.  We have updated our officers to include Kristin Hemlein, David Sater, and Steve Wolgast (me).  We are waiting for the IRS to assign an EIN number which is required before we can open a bank account.

There is a lot of new material in the “In the Media” tab about recent articles and letters regarding development and the housing market.  The housing market is slowing nationally, and anecdotal evidence indicates it’s slowing in Callahan too.

I would encourage readers to sign up for the blog.  Our plan is to issue about 4 posts a month, so we won’t fill up your “in box”.


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  1. I’ve already had to inform the engineers that they are not welcome on Patti Lane (my easement goes to the middle of the road). They cut a road around, using the trail that was already there (sorry dog walkers/hikers). My daughter told me that they parked on my neighbor’s fence line yesterday, which is also on Patti Lane. I am working on making signs that will state that any company or person involved with the Ascente development is not welcome and is not permitted to use our portion of Patti Lane. I will fight every inch of the way.


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